There are four levels of workshops. Participants are invited to do one basic workshop but as many as they wish of second levels and male awareness workshops. Thereafter,  anyone who is willing to apply AVP principles in his or her own life can be trained as a facilitator.

Workshops are run during a week-end, Friday 5.30pm to 7pm, and Saturday and Sunday 10am to 6pm. Up to 20 participants can take part depending on the size of the room provided.

What is involved in the different workshops?

Basic workshop – 16 to 18hours

  • Builds self esteem
  • Improves listening and assertive skills
  • Develops co-operative attitudes
  • Introduces the notion of ‘Transforming Power’

Through discussion, games, cooperative activities and role playing, participants learn new and creative ways to respond to conflict situations. AVP workshops seek to assist individuals in personal growth and change.

Second level workshop  - 16 to 18 hours

  • Examines the hidden fears that usually underlie anger, jealousy and prejudice
  • Considers situations that may trigger anger
  • Develops better communication skills for potentially violent situations
  • Looks at stereotypes in personal situations
  • Considers the notion of power structures and the idea of inner power
  • How to develop forgiveness and build reconciliation

Second level workshops can focus on related topics chosen by the group of participants according to their needs. They build upon collective experience in communication, co-operation and problem solving.

Male Awareness Workshops – 16 to 18 hours

Designed specifically to address issues that arise from violence associated with gender.

AVP Training for Facilitators (T4F) – 16 to 18hours

  • Introduction to leadership styles
  • Builds skills in conflict resolution
  • Develops planning, presenting and processing skills

Once trained as a facilitator, a volunteer begins his/her apprenticeship with mentoring from experienced facilitators.