Why Volunteering with AVP?

All we're doing is supported by the hard work our fantastic team of volunteers facilitators, inside and outside the prison, who run workshops week-end after week-end. Here are two testimonies to give you an insight of how they benefit from it while contributing and sharing their experience with others.
From Elma: 
I started my AVP journey as I was curious of what prison was like and prisoners. I just found AVP to be the most powerful weekend of my life. I did the second and third weekends and absolutely loved them. At that time, I was in my 20's and was not in a good place in my life. I found that the weekend gave me confidence. I really felt affirmed. There really is something special about feeling positive and having no harsh words over the weekend. I worked closely with a great team and some of them are still my friends 20 years later.
When I would be applying for jobs -I always included it on my CV and I have used the skills I learned on those weekends many times. It is very hard to explain how brilliant AVP is - the only advice I could give someone is to 'just do it' 

From Tracey: 
I wanted to make a difference in someone else’s life, to have positive impact on other people’s lives. Even if only one person I meet in a prison is encouraged to turn their life around it is a weekend well worth it. I also wanted to volunteer with AVP to give something back to the community.  The people that take part in the workshop embrace the AVP philosophy and it helps them in their day to day life, also it will help them when they are no longer in a Prison environment .
I have had the opportunity to learn new skills, meet lots of people from different backgrounds, I have learned empathy since being in AVP.  I have learned to use the AVP model, applying it to my own personal life. AVP has enriched my life. After a weekend in the prison doing an AVP workshop, I always leave with a huge sense of achievement and that I have learned something new about myself and others.  I also feel grateful for the life I have and no longer take my upbringing for granted as the people I meet have not had the same fortune and supports as I have had.
My favourite part of an AVP day is Lunch time, it is a most cherished experience everyone sitting down eating together sharing stories. There are so many benefits to being part of AVP aside from the learning! 

Come and join the team!