Training for Facilitators at CDI – 29th-31st January

FullSizeRender13 participants took part in a T4F in CDI this week end. It was the follow up of the basic and second level held in the autumn. There was a wide range of age all together with facilitators and participants from 18 to 80 something - like a big family! It was an amazing workshop where everybody did his/her best and was completely engaged in the activities.
I remembered Julie's feedback, who facilitated the basic workshop in October: she said she was filled with hope that there were people such as these willing to embrace the programme wholeheartedly and working in places where it can make a difference, particularly to the lives of young people today. I feel exactly the same. It gives a lot of hope for the future of AVP and confort too in this tough world where you don't meet very often people with such a sense of justice, understanding and forgiveness.
We can say we have a very good new team of apprentices - already with so much skills I could be their apprentice if they'd let me:)- and I think we're all looking forward to working together again!
(Photo: closing web at the end of the workshop) - Dorothée