November was a very busy month for AVP! After a basic in Wheatfield prison, a second level took place in CDI with 20 participants and a team of 4 facilitators who

Last week-end was busy for AVP as we were running two workshops at the same time: a training for facilitators in Wheatfield prison and a basic workshop in Tallaght West Child

Our next workshop in the Community will take place in Tallaght West Childhood Development Initiative on 16th-18th October. We're very happy to partner with this organization. You can find more

12 participants took part in a basic workshop in Wheatfield this week end. The group was highly motivated and enthusiastic about the workshop! It was a real pleasure to work

Workshop in Stocking Lane

Fantastic workshop in the community last week end! 14 participants very involved and willing to get the better of the week end. A lot of sharing and emotions and certainly

Next workshop in the community

Our next workshop in the community will take place on the 26th-28th June in Quaker House, Stocking lane, Rahtfarnham.