Gatherings 2014 / 2017

Every three years AVP holds an international gathering to bring together volunteers from all over the AVP world. The Gathering encourages the sharing of experiences and training methods. AVP Ireland has been in a position to offer financial support to part fund the travel expenses of three of our Irish facilitators  who have  travelled to Nepal in November 2017. We are also happy to have been able to fund the attendance of an AVP representative from Bolivia.

It was a marvellous event, you can have a taste of it on this page. You can also read Chris' report.


We are also happy to attach a link to the report from the previous International Gathering which took place in Ireland in 2014 when 154 facilitators from 43 countries attended. We think the report prepared by Jenny Haughton will help you grasp the spirit and ambition of the meeting..

In the films below (long and short versions), made by Blaze Nowara during the Gathering in Ireland in 2014, facilitators from all over the world are interviewed and share their experience of AVP.