expect the best-email

Dear AVP'ers,
Best wishes for 2016,
peace, love and happiness!

What does Avp Ireland want to achieve in 2016?
We want to keep up the good work running workshops in prison. We're planning to run one workshop a month in Wheatfield and in Cloverhill, one or two set of workshops in Midlands and in Castelrea. Hopefully, we'll be back in Mountjoy and in Dochas.
We will recruit and train news volunteers and nurture all those who are already involved with us.
And our new exciting project: we'll introduce AVP workshops to young people! It's beginning this week-end with an introduction workshop in a young Quakers group. Next month, we'll be running a basic with young leaders in CDI and we're looking forward to it!
Many thanks to our dedicated team of volunteers, inside and outside, because they make all this possible!

AVP Ireland team