A busy November

November was a very busy month for AVP!

After a basic in Wheatfield prison, a second level took place in CDI with 20 participants and a team of 4 facilitators who did a great job.

The week-end after, 15 participants and 4 facilitators took part in a basic level in Cloverhill prison. It was the first AVP workshop ever run in this prison and it was a great success. The two outside facilitators were joined on Saturday and Sunday by one of our most experienced facilitator from Wheatfield and an apprentice. We're very grateful they came.
The participants were highly motivated and engaged in the exercises. It was an advanced and mature group who understands at once what AVP is about. The role plays were amazing and very well acted! They were great examples of the 12 guides to transforming power.
We're looking forward to the second level in January and we're keeping up the good work!