We ran 10 full workshops since January in Wheatfield, Cloverhill, Limerick, Castlerea, Portlaoise and Shelton Abbey. Three introduction workshops took place also in St Mark Community school in Tallaght with

2016 was a busy year for AVP Ireland, with more than thirty workshops run throughout the country, in prison and in the community. Currently around fifty active volunteer facilitators are

We ran a training for facilitators in Wheatfield prison end of August. 14 participants took part and it was powerfully led by Tony with the help of our inside team

AVP is back in Limerick prison

We're delighted to say that we're back running workshops in Limerick prison. The first one was hold on 29th-31st July: 18 participants took part in it. It was facilitated by

AVP in Shelton Abbey

We held our first workshop in Shelton Abbey this week, and it was successful. 11 participants took part in a basic workshop run by a team of four facilitators. The dynamic

We ran workshops almost every two weeks in Wheafield and Cloverhill prisons, basic, second level and male awareness. There is a high demand for workshops in both prisons and the

AVP in schools: we did it!

We did three workshops and our monthly meeting in two weeks, so it was more than busy. The two second level workshops in Wheatfield and Cloverhill prisons, following the basics

We ran two Basic workshops in February: one in Wheatfield and one in Cloverhill prison. Both were very successful with a great attendance: 17 and 19 participants, 36 all together

Annual report - 2015

The core business of Alternatives to Violence are the workshops. AVP was introduced into prisons in Ireland just under 20 years ago and it is estimated that over 2,200 inmates

November was a very busy month for AVP! After a basic in Wheatfield prison, a second level took place in CDI with 20 participants and a team of 4 facilitators who