Claire, a facilitator with AVP writes about her experience of running workshops in the Dóchas (women's prison in Dublin) in the past year.  "AVP resumed offering workshops in the Dóchas in

AVP Ireland ran 36 workshops in almost all Irish Prisons throughout the country. Currently around 50 active volunteer facilitators are supporting the organisation inside and outside the prison.  AVP ran

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Fundraising T-Shirts

Our popular fundraising t-shirts are back size S to XXL! A good way to promote AVP's philosophy around you! They are for sale 20 euros. The money collected will allow

Education and best practices team in AVP International recently released a document presenting and reinforcing AVP core values, worth sharing in our newsletter for people who are less familiar with

2017 was a busy year for AVP Ireland, with 33 full workshops run in almost all Irish Prisons throughout the country, and 5 introduction workshops in St Mark Community School

AVP International Gathering 2017

As you know, the AVP World Gathering took place in Kathmandu, Nepal, from 5th – 10th November 2017.  It was based in the luxurious Park Village Hotel, and Ireland was

AVP in 2017

Dear supporters, First AVP Ireland wishes you a very happy belated new year! 2017 will be a busy year for AVP with 36 workshops planned in almost all Irish prisons