AVP in schools: we did it!

We did three workshops and our monthly meeting in two weeks, so it was more than busy.
The two second level workshops in Wheatfield and Cloverhill prisons, following the basics last month, went very well, as we were expecting. The two groups were already so engaged and mature. They both went very deep and were a real pleasure to facilitate according to the team.

Last but not least, AVP Ireland ran its first basic workshop with young people in St Mark Community School! 23 participants completed the programme and 29 attended! It was very successful! Thanks to Eileen, Jean and Audrey for their commitment. It was a pilot workshop, we draw an agenda at a facilitator's meeting in February, but according to the team, the agenda had to be amended, to fit better to the needs of the group. Young people are much more fast than adults in all cooperative activities, and they also need more light and livelies! We are combining all our feedbacks to try to have a precise idea of what went well and what we can improve.

Lively role play very well acted by young people

There is a shared feeling that AVP in school is really bringing something new and positive that all the school community could benefit from!