Annual report 2018

AVP Ireland ran 36 workshops in almost all Irish Prisons throughout the country. Currently around 50 active volunteer facilitators are supporting the organisation inside and outside the prison. 

AVP ran also 2 workshops in partnership with Care After Prison for service providers, service users and potential AVP volunteers.  

Track record of the workshops

Location Level 1  Level 2   MA  T4F   Total 
Wheatfield  2 2


Castlerea 1 1

Limerick 2 3

Shelton Abbey 2

The Dóchas Centre 1 1
1 3
Mountjoy (All units) 4 2
2 8
Cork 2 2
1 5
Portlaoise 2 1 1 1 5

Loughan House 1 1

Community 1 1



MA: Male awareness workshop. T4F: Training for facilitators

AVP has been more active in Mountjoy prison this year, where successful workshops were run in the Main Jail, the Progression Unit and the Medical Unit. We trained a team of facilitators in the Progression Unit who are able to deliver the programme in all the different parts of the prison. 

We completed the implementation of the programme in Cork prison and the Dóchas Centre, where we trained our first team of facilitators. 

The programme is well implemented in Portlaoise and a second team of facilitators has been trained. We hope they will be able to support the introduction of the programme in the Midlands in 2019. 

Regular workshops were offered in Wheatfield and in Limerick prisons. However the staffing situation has prevented us from planning any work during the summer. 

After careful preparation and various research and consultations, we ran two pilot workshops in Castlerea, to improve the suitability of our programme and adapt to the specifics of Traveller culture. It was a successful project that will continue in 2019. 

We offered a few workshops in Loughan House and Shelton Abbey Open Centres

We were not able to run workshops in Cloverhill prison, because we still haven’t been able to find an agreement with the staff regarding the requirement of working through  meals during our workshops. 

Lastly, the introduction of the programme in the Midlands was delayed due to staffing issue. 

AVP Ireland aims to undertake the following in 2019

  1. Run up to 38 workshops in all Irish prisons except Arbour Hill, as per our Service Level Agreement. 
  2. Recruit new volunteers and support the existing team. Build and nourish local teams of volunteers throughout the country. 
  3. Improve continuous training and supervision with the introduction of new processes. These include working on a new level of training, a more formal mentoring system and new training materials.
  4. Pilot a participants’ feedback project in Mountjoy campus, to better evaluate our impact, by introducing pre and post-workshop questionnaires.
  5. Collaborate with AVP International to develop regional community and support, and build sustainability together. 


It has been a fantastic year for AVP Ireland! Our amazing team of volunteers has worked hard to provide high quality conflict resolution workshops in Irish prisons and build a community of people committed to non violence. The feedback from participants, their families and prison staff has been extremely positive and rewarding. The organisation has secured another year of funding from IPS and will thus be able to strengthen its activities. 

Dorothée Potter-Daniau - Coordinator.