Annual report – 2016

2016 was a busy year for AVP Ireland, with more than thirty workshops run throughout the country, in prison and in the community. Currently around fifty active volunteer facilitators are supporting the organization inside and outside the prison.

Track record of the workshops

Number of workshops









Shelton Abbey




St Mark’s Community School




AVP has been very active in Wheatfield prison with more than a workshop per month. Two new teams of facilitators have been trained and around 70 inmates have taken part in workshops during the year.

The programme is now fully implemented in Cloverhill prison, with a team of two to three active inside facilitators running workshops on a regular basis.

AVP has been successfully introduced in Limerick prison, and Shelton Abbey. The first team of facilitators has been trained in November in Limerick and will start running workshops from January. In Shelton abbey, the programme is supported by one inside facilitator and apprentices who have been trained in other prisons. It is not possible to train facilitators onsite due to the short length of their stay in Shelton abbey.

One workshop took place in Castlerea prison and the programme is to be reactivated in 2017.

A new team of outside facilitators was trained early in the year in the community, with the support of Childhood Development Initiative in Tallaght. A basic workshop was also held in CDI in September to recruit new outside volunteers.

Last but not least, AVP ran its first workshops with young people in St Mark Community School, and a team of five young facilitators will run the programme from January 2017.


In early 2016 AVP received a grant of 7000 euros from Irish Prison Service for the work done in 2015. A private donor also made a donation of 4000 euros, to which AVP could add tax refund, through the charitable donation scheme.

Monkstown Quaker meeting collected around 450 euros for AVP and the sale of the fundraising T-shirts made around 300 euros.

Last, St Stephen Green Trust granted AVP 6000 euros to work on a impact report.

The full financial statements for 2016 will be produced in the coming months.

Impact report

Thanks to St Stephen Green Trust grant, AVP is working on an Impact report for 2014-2016, including statistics and interviews, to give a full idea of the work we are doing and its consequences on prison life and inmates. The report will be launched in spring 2017.


AVP Ireland aims to undertake the following in 2017

  1. Run 30 to 40 workshops in the prisons and additional workshops in the community. Finish Implementing AVP in Limerick prison and introduce the programme in new prisons, Cork in priority.
  2. Finish implementing the programme in St Mark Community School in Tallaght.
  3. Recruit new volunteers and support the existing (amazing) team.
  4. Collaborate with AVP International to send representatives to the next AVP world Gathering in Kathmandu, Nepal, November 2017.
  5. Invest in Research & Development with a view to building a more sustainable organization for Ireland within the international context

AVP Ireland is an active and healthy organisation, who is able to provide high quality conflict resolution workshops in several Irish prisons and communities. AVP Ireland hope to continue build on more than forty years of experience as a prison programme around the world and on twenty years of partnership with the Irish Prison Service. The organisation has secured two years of funding from IPS and will be able to develop its activities.